I have a place where dreams are born and time is never planned. It's not on any chart, you must find it in your heart. Never Never Land. -Peter Pan


Yes. Yes I did that.

Things I never thought that I would do as a parent (don't judge).
-Let Parker play with stuff from the trash while I run to the bathroom real fast (ever see the move Babies? Those kids played with much worse).
-Put on Harry Potter Goblet of Fire for Parker in the car because he was screaming his head off. He got real quiet at some point and I realized he was watching the scene where Voldemort kills Cedric... I turned if off.
-Put hair clips in Parker's hair while he plays with my make up. I want to see what he would look like as a little girl. NBD.
-Let Parker walk around the house with the iPod in his hand and ear buds in his ears listening to music.
-Let him play in the bath for an extra 20 minutes because it keeps him occupied.
-Put him to bed well past 10 p.m. on the weekends so that we may sleep in...
-Let him pull off all the toilet paper from the roll. It takes him a good ten minutes.
-Give him my camera so he can hold it in front of his face and smile while simultaneously banging it on the tile.
Fact: Parker has me wrapped around his little finger. It's all good though because tonight after I put him in bed and gave him his monkey(which was mine when I was a baby) he waved at me and said, "Good night mama." LIFE IS GOOD!

Here is Parker in the bathroom after his bath. I let him rub lotion on the mirror while he was naked. Now i get to go clean it up.


Weeds in the woods

We love the Weed's cabin in Pine!

Cool Guy

Tonto Bridge
A.K.A Mermaid Lagoon


This guy...

Little Parker has become quite the little Pill Bug when it comes to eating...he nibbles on something for a second, spits it out, throws it on the ground, looks at me, and starts going off in crazy baby talk. Maybe it's because while he makes a horrible mess of his barley and mushrooms I'm sitting next to him eating a pop tart (the frosted kind). Do as I say not as I do!

All smiles till he realizes it's a hard boiled egg in that bowl.

This bite was never actually swallowed.

Covered from head to toe.

Trying to escape.



Happy Day!

I love General Conference! It was such a nice weekend, we got together with Mike's family on Saturday, the boys went to Priesthood, the girls went to Barro's and Parker and Kurt had their first hug (thanks Kurt)! They are becoming fast friends, two weeks ago they shared a green bean. I can't wait to do a little Easter photo session of Parker with his cousins.

Last night Mike took a homework break and we went outside to play.

Personal favorite. Love my Little Parker.


simple things

Whilst Mike plots his medical school adventures I lay on the bed pretending to be as involved in this mishmash of medical school mayhem as he is. but really my mind is thinking of simpler, softer things..

I will make these for Mike with a little love note attached that says, "hang in there!"

I will get this for little Parker and put it over his crib so he can be in Neverland every night.
best part is that the poster is all in French.

I dream of owning this Etsy find one day, or attempting to make something like it for a deserving little lady.

I have been caught.


Parker's Little Birthday and such

My baby turned one on February 4th! I started crying about it the week before and kept crying on and off until the day of. We had a small party at the train park in Scottsdale and the whole time little Parker had a distant and confused look on his face (see pictures) I think it was because he has never been outside for that long before (he's a very sheltered child, my bad). My family came down from NM and all Mikes family was there, it was great feeling all the love from both sides. My dad's birthday was on the 7th so we made it a combined celebration, it was a wonderful day!

My great family along with my cute Grandma and my cousin Will!

The weekends have kinda become a joke for the Weed family, When it's Friday night and Mike and I are feeling lame about staying in we pack little Parker up in the stroller and walk to the grocery store? We can't justify spending money anywhere else and we both really like food so we just spend our weekends eating and watching Netflix. Pretty lame.

Our ghetto ally. I think Parker was pissed about having to go out with the Rents to the grocery store on a Friday night.
He had been jammin out to Rebecca Black's song Friday all day...

mikes attempt at putting Parker on his shoulders


Saving the best for last. Thank goodness for cameras!


but he really needs them...

More than anything I love finding fun things for Little Parker, Of course all the things I like have to be crazy expensive or really hard to find.

Cute wooden fishing pole and fish
from My Sweet Muffin

Probably my most favorite toy as a child, a little Disney Train set that goes past rides and makes them move. I wish I hadn't gotten rid of it!

The bus has a peace sign on it
Jack Rabbit Creations

Perfect for snacks
My Sweet Muffin

Gotta love etsy

I found this great little Melissa & Doug house for a steal on Zulilly and I had to make it mine, The doorbells really work!

Look at his little face, I think he deserves all these special things!

He owns me...